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Our paintings are a great addition to any room, office, home, or business.
We created dozens of paintings for art lovers around the world, as well as clients that include major hotel chains, businessmans, interior design firms, the largest local and foreight companies and many more.




Rovshan Guliyev

2016 – Exhibition. Roma, Italy
2014 – Exhibition Personal. Tallinn, Estonia
2012 – Exhibition. Venice, Italy
2011 – Exhibition Art Master. Venice, Italy
2010 – Exhibition Portret. Barselona, Ispaniya
2009 – Exhibition Art project. Barselona, Ispaniya
2008 – Exhibition of painting. Tallinn, Estonia
2007-2008 – Art Academiya magistracy (Tallinn, Estonia)
2007 – Personal exhibition “Azerbaijan national carpets” (Tallinn, Estonia)
2005 – Exhibition of applied skill. (Baku, Azerbaijan)
2004 – Member of the union of artists (Baku, Azerbaijan)
2004 – Exhibition is “National ornament” (Baku, Azerbaijan)
2002-2004 – Artistic academies, magistracy
2002 – Exhibition “Carpets” (Baku, Azerbaijan)
2001 – Exhibition “Spring” (Baku, Azerbaijan)
2000 – Exhibition of painting. (Turkey, Istanbul)
1999 – Exhibition of applied skill. (Baku, Azerbaijan)
1998 – Exhibition of painting. (Baku, Azerbaijan)
1998-2002 – Azerbaijan Republic State Art Academia” Carpet decoration”
1994-1998 – Baku are artistic school in Azim Azimzade, artistic decoration.
1978 – Baku, Azerbaijan

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